What is a Domain Name ?

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A domain name is a requirement for every website owner. It normally cost no more then $20.00 per year registration fee. A domain name is the web address of your online business, for example:http://www.yourbusinessname.com, it is the way visitors enter your website, http://www.Google.com is a domain name. Normally your domain name is the name of your business or an associated name. Choose your domain name carefully because it is not that easy to change it..

An easily remembered (or associated) name can attract visitors to you web site. Most common names are already taken. If you are not using a business name select a catchy domain name and check its availability.

  • Domain names should be short and easy-to-remember so they can be typed without errors.
  • Longer names increases the chance that a user may not have it written down and find it difficult to recall into memory.
  • Domain names made from initials are usually not a good idea unless the brand is familiar to everyone and is very common (e.g. IBM).
  • Domain name should be associated with product, service, or company image making it easy to recall.
  • Companies should register alternate names for and re-direct information to one web site so the user has a feel for ubiquitous web site, which can lead to brand identity.

The most common global top level domains are:

.COM – used for commercial and personal sites

.ORG – recommended for not-for-profit organizations

.NET – recommended for companies involved in Internet infrastructure

.EDU – recommended for educational institutions

.MIL – used by military agencies

.GOV – used by government organizations

Once you know the name you want to use you simply register your domain name with a domain name registry.

Note: Most hosting companies also offer you the ability to register your domain name when you purchase a hosting plan

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