Bethlehem Steel Prayer Drive

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By Barbara
ESB Minisries
Bethlehem, Pa

On May 2 of this month, while others were doing a four mile prayer walk before joining the National Day of Prayer event at Payrow Plaza, three of us who were unable to do the walk were driving through the Bethlehem Steel stacks.

During this prayer drive I became keenly aware of the immensity of the former Steel Company and its significance to the workers who had relied on it for their livelihood.South Bethlehem came into being as an industrial town*, ┬ádefining the City of Bethlehem’s second hundred years and leaving an historical legacy that has impacted the City’s heart and left many hearts of its residents wounded because of broken promises and lost dreams.

As I looked at the huge rusting furnaces and crumbling structures, I knew that God meant me to include all of this as I continue to pray for Bethlehem’s purpose to be fulfilled.

*(Borough of South Bethlehem merged with Bethlehem to become the City of Bethlehem in 1917)
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