Choosing a Hosting Company

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A hosting company provides the space you need on the Internet to publish your website or Internet application (software). Hosting plans can start from as little as $3.99 per month up depending on your needs.

Note: Most hosting companies offer you the ability to register your domain name when you purchase a hosting plan.

Setting up a web site online is the easy part, choosing a hosting company that has your back, is the most important thing when setting up online, because if your hosting company is not on-board with your success, then you are like a boat without a paddle, eventually you will sink. As an Internet Newbie if your hosting company can not help you then ask yourself who can?

There are times when Internet business failure is due to choosing the wrong hosting company. It is not wise to choose a hosting company only because the price appears to be cost friendly – looking at cost only in it’s self can be a big mistake!

Your hosting company should be able to offer you not only the tools needed to set up various types of businesses online, but the 24/7 support for setting up your hosting plan and using their applications.

A good hosting company should be able to offer advice because they have been there, done that and understand what it takes to succeed in a business online!

Things to consider when choosing a hosting company.

1. What is their up time?

If there server is down more then it’s up then guess what, that means lost of potential income for you, because your customers can not reach you.

2. Does the hosting company offer 24/7 hosting support and tutorials for the Internet applications they offer, do they keep up to date with internet changes and trends?

3. Do they offer cpanel with  one click installation of some of the popular and free Internet open source software such as WordPress, Joomla Durpal etc. ?

Normally a hosting company will offer a lot applications and services to help you setup your online business.There are many good open source software packages which can save you time and money.

4. Do they offer any tutorials to assist you in using their services ?

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