The Anointing Oil

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When we look at 1 Samuel 16 we see how mournful Samuel was for Saul, as God had instructed Saul to perform in a certain way and he was disobedient. God tells Samuel to morn no more, to move on, and that he has turned his face from Saul to raise a new king
So Samuel moves on and he goes to Jesse’s house where he is told he will anoint the next king When Samuel sees the 1st son Eliahd Samuel insists ” Surely this is Gods anointed” but we know he was wrong it was David that was to be anointed.In this we see how Samuel makes the mistake of judging Eliad by his outward appearance. He was probably tall and handsome the best of the sons of Jesse. But again he was wrong in this the bible says God looks at the heart and we can’t just the anointed by outward appearance. The lesson to learn here is that we must start looking into the hearts of people and not at people!

 Now the anointing oil formula was Given to Moses in Exodus 30:22-34. The four ingredients each have a very significant meaning in the anointing. The first of the ingredients was Myrrh-very generally is a very bitter tasting plant but emitts a very fragrant aroma, which represented the outpouring of Christ’s Love, bitter but fragrant death.

The next ingredient was Cinnamon-This represents His holy jealousy for the Honor and Glory of God. I have to admit I don’t fully understand this part of the anointing oil, but if one is jealous for wealth it would be a sin, but if one is jealous for the Honor and Glory of God I would imagine it would be a good thing. Because when your jealous you usually want something someone else has- As Jesus walked the Earth we can then see why he would be jealous as he was the perfect son and rightly deserved both the Honor and the Glory of God.

The third ingredient was calmus/cane, which is a plant that has to be struck for its scent. This represents His up-rightedneous and righteousness in a world that was beating Him up a world full of sin and wickedness!

The last ingredient is Cassia, this plant grows 8,000 feet above sea level, and it represents His submission to and worship of God on high!

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